Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can i grow Marigolds indoors over winter?

I got the seeds from the dead flowerheads off the balcony, but i just wondered if it was possible to grow them indoors over the winter time, and will they flower?



Can i grow Marigolds indoors over winter?
There are two ways:

1. Under grow lights

2. In a south facing window where sunlight comes through all winter long.

It's a lot of fun. We have also grown vinca and two large containers of Jasmine.

Just for fun, I planted a canna seed (yes, there are canna seeds in the newer variety of cannas) in a small container and the silly thing is already growing. It's about six or seven inches tall. I love doing things like this.
Reply:it will not hurt to try .

good luck
Reply:Sure! But you'll want a grow-light to supplement the natural light. And you might want to use a (mild!) fertilizer and mist your new plants, since winter heat indoors tends to be dry.

Good luck!
Reply:You could try.

The seeds will almost certainly germinate indoors, but I doubt that you will get the plants to flower in the (now diminishing) indoor light.

However, you may have big enough plants to put outside next spring, when the light returns and the cold is no longer a problem.

(I assume that you are in the UK)

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