Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do marigolds reseed themselves every year?

I have planted some seeds out of a package and was wishing to know if these will reseed themselves or not.

I have already thrown the package away, so dont know if they do or not?

Thanks for your answers!

Do marigolds reseed themselves every year?
when the flowers die pick them of then pull it apart thats were the seeds are and you can plant them next time
Reply:Just to be on the safe side I would Pull a few seed heads off let them dry and replant them
Reply:Mine never did, but you just have to pull the dead heads off %26amp; save them to replant. This is especially good if there is one color you like better than the other.
Reply:Once the flowers die pinch 'em off and tear it apart . Seeds are narrow , black stems with white at the top. Unusual seeds but i would dry them and store in fridge until next year.
Reply:let dry the biggest one from the top .keep it or you can plant same day
Reply:In the fall or early spring when the flower stocks have dried take the flower head kinda crack it open and either spread the seeds around or store them until spring and put in the dirt then my self seed regularly and I do it both ways.
Reply:They will if you let the flowers dry out and fall. Or you save the finished flower, dry and save for next year.

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