Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do marigolds come back yearly,and do they need much fertililizing?

I live in zone 5 in north Missouri, and my marigolds come back every year from the seeds they drop off in the fall. . . I also deadhead them in the fall and save the seeds for next year also. 1 packet of seeds I bought 5 years ago, are yielding me over 1,000 plants now. . . GL!!!

Edit: By the way, I don't fertilize and of course they are annuals :)

Do marigolds come back yearly,and do they need much fertililizing?
Don't know your zone, or the type of marigolds you are using, but most folks consider them annuals. (replant yearly) . They can come back from seed. If it is a hybrid or anything specially bred, seeds may not be viable, or at least not true to type. It is always fun for me to see what happens, They are not heavy feeders.
Reply:Marigolds are annuals...which means they grow and bloom for one season. As the flowers die off, save the dead flowers (has seeds in them), keep them in a jar and save it for next years planting. I use slow release fertilizers so I only have to do it 3 times during blooming season. They are great for keeping bugs out of your garden as well.
Reply:I have never had to replant my marigolds. Pick off the dead blooms. I used to just sprinkle the dead flower blooms around and by the next year I had so many I had to thin them out. I didn't fertilize them either. Just water when they are real dry. I lived in Missouri at the time.
Reply:Marigolds are "annuals", so they have to be planted each year. They require "no" fertilizing, just water.
Reply:Marigolds self seed, so they will usually keep appearing each year in your garden. Just regular fertilizing is good.
Reply:Marigolds don't need much of anything at all. They will grow almost anywhere and are very easy to grow from seed.
Reply:Yes they do come back and not very much fertilizing. No more than your other palnts.

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